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Best Change of Heart

Crow's Feet Commons

Last year, the Source's most-read story was our coverage of the City's decision not to renew Crow's Feet Commons' lease on the Mirror Pond Plaza, that City-owned courtyard between the ski/beer/coffee shop and Drake Park. Fans of the popular shop were outraged. Owner David Marchi was upset and confused.

But it was about more than losing access to a cool outdoor hangout spot. Marchi and his team at CFC had taken unofficial ownership over managing the plaza by enforcing City rules and keeping ruffians from making a scene.

So when the City re-evaluated Crow's Feet Commons' role on the Mirror Pond Plaza, the new deal was a welcome one. Not only did CFC regain its lease on the plaza, the City has now formalized its management of it.

"As a business owner, I never thought I'd have to take on the role of managing a [public] space, but I'm proud to be part of the process and change it over time," Marchi told the Source in June. "My next goal is to try to establish Brooks Street more as a zone for commerce." (ER)

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