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Christie Glennon—Bend Premier Real Estate

When Christie Glennon started selling real estate about a decade ago in Central Oregon, the market was hot—second homes were leaving the shelves at a head-spinning pace, and for her first couple years, she worked as a licensed agent for Wyndham Worldwide in vacation property ownership. But when the housing bubble burst, roughly halving the value of homes in Central Oregon, especially vacation homes, in less than two years, that company closed its doors.

"I immediately transferred into residential sales, and my very first real estate transaction estate transaction was a short sale," says Glennon. "All I knew for the next few years was short sales and REO [bank owned]."

Although Glennon was successful managing short sales, she doesn't miss those days. "There are very few short sales now, which is nice for both buyers and sellers. It means sellers are making money, and buyers can be in their new homes much quicker," she says. "I'm starting to see repeat clients from the short sale days, as they are now back in the market as buyers, which is exciting."

There are new trends now—a strong market, somewhat tempered by strict lending guidelines—and Glennon is enjoying seeing an influx of first-time homeowners. And, Bend Premier has grown from only seven real estate agents to more than 70.