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Best Bend Exclusive

Sourdough Scones with Honey Butter from Pine Tavern

Every deck of cards looks similar, for the most part, with diamonds and 2's and Kings with swords. But what differentiates decks is the Ace of Spades, that one card with a unique design unlike any other card. Towns are like card decks, in that there are a lot of similar landmarks and shops and events, but there's always that one dish or spot or item that can't be found anywhere else.

While there are a few exclusives in Bend – such as Bachelor Bitter on cask and honey for your pizza crust – this year's Ace in the Hole is the sourdough scone with honey butter. Whipped up only at Pine Tavern, these delicious, golden-brown scones lie somewhere between a doughnut and a croissant, with a fluffy texture and buttery flavor. But once they're smothered in the signature honey butter—a creamy, sweet and delectable condiment—the game is changed. All the flavors are compounded into one of the tastiest treats ever eaten. At only 75 cents per scone, there's no reason not to eat a dozen at a time. (For an extra exclusive, enjoy the scones beneath Pine Tavern's 150-year-old, 300-foot-tall Ponderosa Pine, which resides in the middle of the dining room.)