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Best Gluten Free

1st place | Fearless Baking Bakery & Cafe

When it comes to getting the best gluten free (GF) items for breakfast and lunch, place your bets on Fearless Baking Bakery & Café, where they've been serving it up since 2013. Founder and owner Elise Kukulka always directs people toward the GF Rosemary English Muffins, which she makes into breakfast sandwiches and lunch sandwiches as well as selling them as a six-pack.

For desserts, Fearless offers an amazing GF Chocolate Chip Cookie that Kukulka says she'd choose over the full-gluten version any day. The GF Raspberry Mazurka Bar often gets overlooked, but upon sampling it tends to convert people for life. With a GF shortbread crust, raspberry preserves and homemade GF granola and streusel, it's a treat fit for a king.

"We mix our own GF flour blend at the shop for most of our GF items. We also have a few items inspired by the paleo diet that lean on coconut flour and almond flour for the base. Trial, error and fearlessness," Kukulka explains. "I am so passionate about being connected with customers and filling their cheeks with tasty pastries. I believe in creating simple, scratch-made pastries in the hopes of lighting up people's faces and inspiring them to experiment in the kitchen."

Servicing more than 10 wholesale cafes, restaurants and hotels around town with deliciousness, Fearless also has a brick and mortar shop on Division Street catering to a faithful breakfast and lunch crowd.

Note: Fearless's GF products are catered toward people making a dietary or lifestyle change because of a mild intolerance. Contamination via airborne particles is a possibility.

Fearless Baking Bakery & Cafe

1900 NE Division St. Suite 102, Bend 541-508-7469