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Best Vegetarian

1st place | Laughing Planet

Most menus in Bend provide ample options for vegetarians on the hunt for a meatless meal – so in that way, the best vegetarian category has some meaty competition. Still, it's Laughing Planet that came out, well, laughing. Their well-designed menu makes it easy to decipher which plates are veg-friendly. Meat is by no means the minority; it's just that the meals are prepared to be palate pleasers for herbivores and carnivores alike. They even invite you to make swap-outs, so you don't have to feel like the token obnoxious customer. The ingredients are fresh and simple, so virgin vegetarians don't get overwhelmed. There are great options for kids of all ages, a solid smoothie list, and they're open all day. Laughing Planet's commitment to conscious consumerism is a perk for the like-minded carnivore who is as picky about their meat as their veggie friends are about non-GMO soy. Factor in the quick service, convenient location, ample parking and to-go service, and it's easy to see why this local chain is the most popular vege-table in town.

Laughing Planet Cafe

913 NE 3rd St., Bend


2nd Place: Salud Raw Food