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Best Instagram Selfie Spot

Pilot Butte

Teenage girls, Instagram celebs and Ellen DeGeneres know the rules for taking the perfect selfie: get a good amount of natural light; chin down, lips pouted; and pick a memorable location for the background. Here in Bend, there is no end of beautiful spots that make for great selfies, but Bendites at the top of their Instagram game know Pilot Butte is the best spot for selfies.

Whether it's in a selfie or a landscape shot or even out of focus, Pilot Butte is one of the most gorgeous spots in town. Rising almost 500 feet in the middle of Bend, Pilot Butte gives photographers a perfect view of everything. Walk or run the winding path early in the morning for a victory selfie at the summit. Get tricky and try a forced perspective shot to hold the extinct volcano in the palm of your hands. Or drive to the top as the sun sets behind Mt. Bachelor, Broken Top and the Three Sisters for a stunning and romantic selfie with your favorite squeeze. Pilot Butte makes for such a memorable selfie, all those other rules are unnecessary (i.e. duck faces not required).