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Best Place to Watch People Play Pokémon GO

On July 6, people went on long walks and got in touch with their geeky sides while Nintendo's stock went sky-high. Maybe you downloaded Pokémon Go the moment it launched, or maybe you scoffed as your co-workers boasted about where they "almost caught a Dragonite." If you're the latter type, you might be on the outside — but your world doesn't have to be devoid of Pokémon fun.

If you're not busy actually playing the game, you get to enjoy two things that no person "on the Go" can: a decent smartphone battery life, and a casual people-watching hobby taken to a whole new level.

On the corner of Wall and Franklin — a corner long maintained by a well-loved statue — you will now find that "Art" does not sit alone. Rather, he sits in the epicenter of a mass of virtual creatures and people using their iPhones to catch them. The pedestrian traffic signs may flash the all-clear, but no one on the corner will be moving. They are all right where they want to be -- and so will you be, enjoying a drink across the street while you take in the sight of so many people united for a single cause.

Note: Beware of rages caused by an app server failure.