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Best Skinny Dipping Spots

Bare Where You Dare

When it's as hot as it has been in Central Oregon, there are times when you'll need to take a swim but won't necessarily have your suit along. Not to worry – you don't really need it...

Not that this pick represents the opinion of ALL our staff...but regardless, the following spots all qualify for the best place to go skinny dipping. (But we won't reveal the absolute, hands-down best, for fear of being found...)

Bare Lake: This small, natural and picturesque lake is only a 1/2-mile hike from Todd Lake. While it doesn't take much work to get to, you won't find big crowds here. If you do run into other "swimmers," they are likely to be wearing the same suit as you, so you'll feel right at home.

Doris Lake: Approximately three miles west of the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway, this lake is surprisingly secluded. It features crystal-clear water that is cool enough to provide relief during the heat of summer, but warm enough that you won't regret leaving your skivvies behind.

Lucky Lake: A little more than a mile hike from the trailhead (located on the West side of Cascade Lakes Highway), this lake gets downright warm in summer. Its lack of springs and rushing cold water means you can enjoy stripping down and swimming for hours. The hiking trails are scenic and there are even spots where you can see South Sister.