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Ryder Uetrecht

At first glance, Ryder Uetrecht might seem like a typical kid who loves to ride bikes, but he's far from the average high school freshman. In the past two years he's placed 3rd and 10th in the USA Cycling National MTB Championship and 5th in the Cyclocross Nationals. He began riding with the Bend Endurance Academy at age 9. This summer he attended an elite invite-only cyclocross camp in Helena, Mont., where the nation's best gather to develop technique, physical and mental skills. Uetrecht speaks eloquently about training and racing, yet also passionately when describing the terrain of his favorite rides. With that in mind, he notes, "The best rides are when you just go where the bike takes you." He is nonchalant about his dedication to the sport, but even on his days off he will "do a light spin just to keep the legs fresh," he says. Uetrecht says his coaches inspire him to ride more, find more beautiful places and have more fun. Right now he's enjoying competing in both mountain biking and cyclocross, and his overall goals are to be well known, to race in Europe and be selected for a world's block. With his humble attitude and a positive approach, he is likely to do just that.