2016 Best Of Central Oregon | As voted by Source Weekly readers | Bend

Best Of Central Oregon

2016 Best Of Central Oregon

As voted by Source Weekly readers

It's that time of year again. Welcome to the Source Weekly's annual Best Of Central Oregon issue.

This is not only the biggest paper we print all year, it is the most anticipated by local businesses and residents. That puts a lot of pressure on our staff to make sure we do the best possible job highlighting the best food, drink, events, and amenities our region has to offer. Fortunately, we've been dealt an excellent hand this year.

Among the 2016 winners are several returning champions (Best Breakfast), some newcomers (Best Dessert, Best Blog), and at least one upset (Best Burger). In addition to listing all the winners and telling some of their stories, we have solicited original ideas from our writers for their personal best recommendations, including Best Microcosm of Bend and Best Spot for Skinny Dipping. In keeping with the Best Of theme, we asked local movers and shakers what they think Bend and Central Oregon do best, and included their comments in our weekly opinion column.

As a bonus, this year we've thrown in some of the more unusual votes we received from readers, to give you a taste of the ballot-counting joy we experience every year around this time.

We hope you will not only enjoy learning who made this year's Best Of list, but that you will drop by their businesses to congratulate them on their win.

Deal the cards...

Take a look at the full list of Best Of Central Oregon winners plus highlighted business in each category:

2016 Best Of Central Oregon Winners

Best Worst Answers

Best Vegetarian

Best Mexican

Best Bend Exclusive

Best Ethnic Food

Best Thai

Best Dessert

Best Gluten Free

Best Burger

Best Wine Shop

Best Brewer

Best Seasonal Beer

Best Bartender

Best Way to Ruin Your Workout

Best Gift Store

Best Home Decor

Best Children's Clothing Store

Best Green Business

Best Childcare Facility

Best Blog

Best Place to Understand Millennials

Best Event to Get You Inspired

Best Place to be a Tourist

Best Reason to Visit Eastern Oregon

Best Outdoor Gear Shop

Best Alternative Health Practitioner

Best Breakfast - Redmond

Best Breakfast - Sisters

Best Lunch - Sunriver

Best Place for Cosmetic Enhancement

Best Place to Watch People Play Pokémon GO

Best Young Athlete

Best Skinny Dipping Spots

Best Microcosm of Bend

Best Instagram Selfie Spot

Best Grocery Store

Best Place to Buy Produce

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