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Best Of Central Oregon

Best Worst Answers

Best Of survey answers that just missed the mark

We asked you to tell us about your favorite restaurant, the best of shopping and the number ones in service. Most of you answered in a way that actually made sense, and for that, some of our great local businesses came out victorious.

Then again, some answers left us scratching our heads, laughing out loud or altogether speechless. We have compiled the best of the worst answers to our Best of Central Oregon survey, and in the process learned a few things.

What we've learned about you, dear readers: You're a very opinionated group with high self-esteem, though you tend to have a hard time spelling things correctly. Case in point: Trattoria Sbandati wins the most-misspelled business award! (Read over the correct spelling once again, and then try to get it right next year...)

To highlight some of the best of the worst answers to our Reader's Poll, read on here:

Best Marijuana Dispensary: My in-laws!! Lol

Best Bang for your Buck: Yo mama

Best Bartender: Dude at d and d with mutton chops

Best Vegetarian: Me

Best Hangover Grub: Bong loads of strong indica and coconut water with maple syrup.

Best Place for a Stiff Drink: Any golf bar

Best Light Beer: No

Best Place for a Tattoo: A**

Best Place for a Wedding Reception: Divorce Court

Best Local Blog: Yelp

Best Breakfast: Omelette

Best Bartender: One that makes you good and drunk

Best Vegetarian: I don’t know any vegetarians

Best Local Band: Hydro Flask

Best Bang for Your Buck: 5 inch 54 caliber naval gun

Best Veterinarian: Bethlynn’s Global Fusion

Best Marijuana Dispensary: SHOULD BE ILLEGAL – can’t believe ya’ll have this on here!!!

Best Coffee: Townshends Tea – I don’t do coffee

Best Italian: The one Broken Top Bottle Shop that no one can


Best Fine Dining: Cheesecake Factory

Best Service in Food / Drink: Bend Dental Group

Best Place to Buy Produce: Diamond Tree

Best Sushi: Gross

Best Seafood: In the ocean still

Best Pub Menu: Anywhere with nachos

Best Jewelry Store: Bend Pet Express

Best Toy Store: Pretty Pussy Cat

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