Best Children's Clothing Store 2016 | 1st place | Hopscotch Kids | Shopping | Bend

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Best Children's Clothing Store

1st place | Hopscotch Kids

Hopscotch Kids' owner Bridget Swetland has been in the children's clothing business for a long time. She ran a children's clothing store in Klamath Falls named Bella Bella for a decade before moving to Bend in 2012 and opening Hopscotch in 2013.

The clothing at Hopscotch runs the gamut from babies to kiddos, with books, toys and shoes to mix it up. But what makes Hopscotch stand out? Swetland says: "It's about finding quality clothing for a good price point and not just going to a big box store. I try to source clothes that are environmentally-friendly and try to get as many toys as I can that are made in the U.S."

Swetland's goal is to ensure that coming into the shop is a delight for customers. "We go out of our way to make the buying experience positive. We have a little bit of everything so it's fun to come in and look at all the stuff. It's a fun and happy place."

Hopscotch Kids

1303 NW Galveston Ave. Ste. A, Bend


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