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Best Green Business

1st place | Sunlight Solar

Sunlight Solar isn't willing to gamble with environmental sustainability. While making solar power available to every home in Bend (and beyond) is the company leaders' dream, their environmental stewardship also includes the company-wide use of hybrid vehicles and recycled paper products, and commuting to work by foot, bus or bike when possible.

Marketing and Outreach Director Kim Wilson attributes Sunlight Solar's success to customers' word-of-mouth referrals. Their honesty and the fact that the company isn't purely motivated by money are just a couple of the reasons she believes they were voted "Best of." "We truly believe that...putting renewable energy on as many rooftops as possible will provide a better future for our children," Wilson says. Sometimes though, for one reason or another, solar power isn't a good fit for a prospective client. "Not everybody qualifies for solar...we are very upfront and honest about that," Wilson admits.

Paul Israel, President of Sunlight Solar, has been in the energy business since the 1980s. He has managed over 4.5 megawatts of solar electric design and installation throughout the United States. With that effort it's clear that the company's dedication to the environment stretches beyond Bend, and to the world's future.

Sunlight Solar

50 SE Scott St, Bend


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