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Sno Cap Drive In


hether dropping by after school for a milkshake or making a pit stop for burgers on your way home from an adventure on the McKenzie River, Sno Cap Drive In has been an institution in Sisters since 1952. Sno Cap is a must for both locals and visitors alike, not only for the quality of the food, but also because it offers the best bang for your buck in Sisters. Source readers have spoken.

A mountain of fries and burgers just the way you want them... what could be better? And we're not talking fast-food joint -sized burgers. This is the real deal: high-quality, never-frozen ground chuck. Hop in line and they'll hand write your order the old fashioned way. Lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions and mayo all in addition to the specialty burgers you'll find on the menu. From the best-selling, all-time favorite bacon cheeseburger to something a little hotter with the jalapeno pepper jack burger, you'll find exactly what your taste buds crave, all at a bangin' price point.

Really looking to make your dollar go further? Sno Cap has a corn dog on the menu for under $2! And we haven't even talked about the ice cream yet. Of course ,there are the classics — vanilla and chocolate, but then, wait a second while we amp up the anticipation — pina colada, birthday cake, Almond Joy and Cookie Monster (seriously, this one has Nutter Butter, Oreo cookie, cookie dough, chocolate chips and a caramel swirl).

All we can say is, YUM.

Sno Cap Drive In

380 W. Cascades Ave., Sisters


2nd place The Depot Cafe

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