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Rick Swegel—Maverick's Country Bar and Grill


 can't get into all the details about the last time I went to Maverick's, but it was one hell of an evening. All I can really say is that it was whiskey night and I was drinking Pendleton with my lawyer and writing partner. By the end of the night I had had a run-in with an extremely friendly motorcycle club and was propositioned by a very eager lady.

Not sure why I haven't been back, because that was one of my favorite nights ever. I'm sure bartender Rick Swegel continues to serve people magical evenings since you, the people, voted him Bend's best bartender.

I asked owner Mike Hayes the trick to being a memorable bartender: "A memorable bartender is nothing more than a hard working, friendly and knowledgeable mixologist who can adjust to a patron's energy."

When I asked Swegel what made him different than the other bartenders in Bend, he answered with a smile: "Experience."

Bartending obviously has its own set of unique challenges. "The hardest part was waking up early to drive my kids to school when they were little. The easiest was having my days free to enjoy Central Oregon outdoors."

When asked if he had anything he wanted to say to the people who voted for him, his answer was perfect: "Thanks very much and Go HAWKS!" No—thank you, Rick.


20565 NE Brinson Blvd., Bend


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