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Best Escape for Parents

A Trip with Bend Westy


e know you love those little critters—but let's face it, there's a time when the responsibilities of jobs and homes and kids weigh so heavy, that the only thing to do is endeavor to escape it all. And if we know you like we think we do, Central Oregon, then your idea of "escape" is a quiet spot out in nature... a babbling brook taking the place of the babbling baby. (She's cute, yes, but also a LOT of work.)

Normally, getting to that quiet spot out in nature means sorting, cleaning and packing up your camping gear, prepping the car—and then hitting the store for some cold suds and food. That is, unless you go the Bend Westy route. As a busy parent myself, I can personally vouch for the benefits of being handed a set of keys to a van that's packed with all the sleeping and cooking gear you need—and even better, someone else checked the tire pressure and oil. When I rolled up to check one out, owner Brion Gebow even had the Grateful Dead tunes bumpin'.

Bend Westy, which offers a handful of vans for rent on its website, provides all you need to get out to the desert, the forest or the ocean. All you gotta do is buy the food and suds.

"Rent the van, go out for three or four nights or maybe a week... and you've had a great time, and then you can just give it back," says Gebow. "It's about seeing the natural beauty, it's about being able to camp in quiet areas, it's about those experiences together."

Yes, there's room for your little ones in the upper sleep deck, but then again, isn't that what babysitters are for?

Best escape, indeed.

Bend Westy