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Best Place to Park Your Van for Longer Than 12 Days

Like beautiful women, appetites and phalluses, they come in all shapes and sizes.

Mobile homes, that is.

Whether it's a colossal fifth wheel, a janky motorhome or a hip Sprinter van, the rate of those parking — and living—on the street is growing. As is the disdain.

"How convenient to have a freshly-changed bathroom for you. It must be nice taking advantage of the town's amenities as a permanent resident without bothering to pay any property tax," "Sick_of_bums," wrote in response to the Source's Van Life feature.

"...These Sprinter van people strike me as freeloaders rather than free-rangers," said another.

As the influx of van-lifers grows, most have been pushed to the outskirts of town in an effort to hide their cool, vagabond ways. Just past million-dollar homes and mountain bikers edging out trail, Skyliners Road boasts rows of everything from eclectic VW buses to $80,000 tiny homes. It came in runner-up in our "survey" (read: our staffers' whimsical selections) to find the best spot, due to its proximity to town and the fact that you may be able to get away with going beyond the 12-day limit.


uch like beauty pageants, no one cares about the second runner-up—but we thought you'd like it anyway: the numerous (and random) dead-ends on gravel roads around the Midtown and First Street Rapids neighborhoods. The quiet tranquility is ideal. The nosy neighbors rapping on your window, asking you to move, is not.

So, after all this hooplah? The best spot to park longer than 12 days?

Well, a swath of land, just east of Redmond, north of the airport, that's conveniently owned by BLM, COID and the Redmond School Board.

But, too bad! The secret's out, and they're ousting everyone, like right now.