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Best Lunch & Best Salad


Croutons restaurant was founded in 2003 and has been running strong ever since. Founders James Watts and Frank Farella are fully committed to their mission of combining "unique flavors with premium ingredients to create an innovative selection of menu items." The fresh, balanced menu offers something for everyone. That's why Croutons stands at the top in not one, but two categories: Best Lunch AND Best Salad.

The aroma of fresh soup simmering, combined with the hiss of the panini grill incite the mouth to water. Looking for a cold salad bar hidden under a smudged sneeze guard? Look elsewhere. Croutons offers a variety of customizable salads, prepared to order, beautiful and substantial.

For lunch, a favorite is the Combo Anything Menu. Sandwiches, soups and salads, with more than enough flavor profiles and portion options to satisfy everyone.

Bart Butler, Croutons' Pacific Northwest owner/president, showed gratitude toward his staff and the community for the company's current success and future expansion: "I feel very excited, honored and blessed about winning best lunch and salad in the Source. Croutons employees work very hard to make each visit to Croutons a great experience. Thank you to them for their hard work and dedication.

We all thank everyone in Bend and Redmond for your great support the last 12 years. We opened a new location in Redmond a little over a year ago which has been well received and are looking to open a third Bend location by the hospital!"

Croutons Bend East

564 NE Greenwood Ave., Bend


Croutons Bend West

335 SW Century Dr., Bend


Best Salad

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