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Cabin 22


ou just crushed it on the mountain and you're looking for a sweet place to chill. Or maybe your house on the west side is way too crowded with roommates or Airbnbers these days, and you're looking for a sizeable outdoor spot to be with some of your yet-unknown friends, grab a bite and kick it.

Whatever your reasons for needing a patio on which to chill... like, stat, the readers of the Source have spoken, and have dubbed Cabin 22 to be that sweet patio spot they're craving.

Cabin 22 is not hard to miss; cruise down from Mt. Bachelor to turn in that rental equipment and you're sure to spot it on Century Drive. In fact, the patio may very well be the first thing you spot when you roll up on your bike or in your truck; it's big and hard to miss.

At night, stave off the high desert chill near one of the spot's two giant fire pits. For libations, look for an ample craft beer selection and a delightful pub grub menu—which readers tell us is ever expanding and improving. And while the TVs inside are a big draw for some, it's the outside area that wins this spot the nod from readers in 2017's Best Of Central Oregon. Congrats to Cabin 22 for their win as Best Patio!

Cabin 22

25 SW Century Dr., Bend


2nd Place Worthy Brewing Company

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