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ave dreams biking or walking to work downtown? Are you in the "middle income" bracket, which means you're probably newish in your career, juggling student loans, payments on a 4WD, your organic produce budget and maybe even daycare, on top of your home costs?

Sorry, up-and-comer who's looking to buy property, but it appears the "cool" west side may not be for you.

According to Area Market Surveys (interpreted with the help of Principal Broker Nick Nayne), the area of northwest Bend that borders OB Riley Road. to the east, Awbrey Glen to the north, Shevlin Park to the west and Commerce Avenue. to the south saw just six—yes, six—single-family homes of 1 acre or less selling for less than $300K in the past year. The price range of the most homes sold in that area? It was $550K to $599K, with a total of 67 homes sold in that price range.

But don't fret, dear youngish Bendito, because the west side is not the only happenin' hood. Northeast Bend, which borders Cooley Road to the north, Butler Market to the south, Hwy 97 to the west and 27th St. to the east is fast becoming a hot spot. In the past year, 11 homes there went for between $200K and $249K, another 34 sold for between $250K and $299K, and the highest number, with 48 homes, were sold for between $300K and $349K (tied with 48 for the $350K to $399K range.)

The northeast hood is still (relatively) affordable, and a 15-minute bike ride from downtown. New additions including 10 Barrel Brewing and The Backyard Brick Oven Pizza + Pub are making the area more livable, too—and since Bend's Urban Growth Boundary expansion will likely mean more infill in areas such as this, expect even more amenities and creative housing options—some which may not fall into the single-family-home paradigm.

Need that artisanal coffee or pastry before you cross 3rd Street? Hit up the nearby Midtown Market on 6th Street. for fresh baked goods, or Backporch Coffee Roasters on Greenwood Avenue. for that macchiato on your way to work. It's not like the west side—yet—but it's cool middle market peeps like you who will help it along.