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Best Way to Defy Gravity

Mt. Bachelor Bike Park


hen the front wheel of a bicycle meets an immovable object and the rider tomahawks over the handlebars, time has a weird way of slowing down. Amongst the chaos, riders often hear the beautiful sound of a violin. But if you manage to avoid such calamities, downhill riding can be pretty fun.

The best way to defy gravity is to visit Mt. Bachelor's Bike Park. For those mountain bikers prone to clumsy tumbles, start with the beginner lift, Sunshine Accelerator. The lift is great for all ability levels.

Once you've mastered the beginner course, step it up to Pine Marten Express. With 13 miles of downhill trails, there are plenty of options. To avoid the tomahawking, save the advanced double black diamond trails to the experts. Kids and teens can hedge their bets by learning the basics at Mt. Bachelor's week-long Gravity Bike Camps.

Since gravity and heads are involved, always be sure to wear the proper protective gear, preferably including a full-face helmet. In addition, knowing the signs and symptoms of concussions before you ride (confusion, dizziness, nausea or vomiting and sensitivity to light) is never a bad thing. Uphill or down, stay safe out there, Central Oregon!

Mt. Bachelor Bike Park

13000 SW Century Dr., Bend