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Bony Chanterelle

Best Local Band
Anne Pick

Back in the day, Best Local Band was a category readers could vote for. Past winners included Larry and His Flask, Mosley Wotta and Corner Gospel Explosion. This year, Best Band is a staff pick category, so I'm writing a special "Pick's Picks." 

Chris Fraser on vocals and lead guitar, Devrett Gupta on bass and Jake Satathite on drums make up power trio Bony Chanterelle. I hung out with the boys at a rehearsal in May, interviewing them ahead of their album release show at Spoken Moto. Their first album, "This Can't End Now," always has me feeling the same sentiment as the album title. This can't end now. It's just sooo good. The Bony boys blend elements of surf rock, folk, blues and groovy psychedelia to create jams you can't help but sing.  

"Well this youth, I ain't wastin'," Fraser sings in my favorite track on the album. The combined talent of these three dudes is incredible. Gupta, the youngest member of the band, is somewhat of a musical prodigy, slapping the bass as well as any other instrument you place in front of him. Fraser writes catchy lyrics, oozes creativity and challenges the idea of what a band should share on Instagram. Watching Satathite on the drum kit, you instantly notice his intense focus and skill. If you were lucky enough, you caught Satathite at a recent Crow's Feet Commons Open Mic singing and playing guitar — a Jack of all trades when it comes to music.  

I recently got an exclusive preview of the direction Bony plans to head with their future material and all I can say is this: It's so freaking good, you guys!  

Key Tracks: "Youth," "Cat and Mouse" and "Hot as Hell."

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