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Best Place to Work Remotely
Anne Pick

Technically, this one should probably have been voted on, instead of being a staff pick. But since I do most of my work as a freelancer, it's clear to me that Spoken Moto is the hub for remote workers in Central Oregon. Whether you're a realtor looking for a spot to meet with clients or a web developer who needs a break from your dark bedroom, Spoken Moto provides the perfect remote office in Bend.

Walk into Spoken Moto on a typical weekday and you'll see laptops for miles. Remote workers have made the motorcycle-shop-meets-coffee-house-meets-food-cart-lot their home, and for good reason. Spend the morning sipping on an espresso with delicate latte art (but seriously, get the chai, it's amazing) as you write the next chapter of your novel. Grab lunch at one of the delicious food carts, which includes Scoutpost (our choice for Best Food Cart in our 2018 Restaurant Guide), among others. In the afternoon, meet a client over beers, and once you're done working for the day, stick around and catch live music in the Pine Shed. 

While coworking spaces may be all the rage these days, sometimes you just want to find somewhere quiet to work that serves killer coffee and has an unrivaled ambiance. You'll find that at Spoken Moto, along with a bevy of other freelancers doing the same. Can you say networking?

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