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Best Locals' Hangout

Crux Fermentation Project

Tourists are everywhere in Bend. During the summer, it can be hard for even the most longtime locals to find a sanctuary of peace. While Crux Fermentation Project definitely welcomes tourists to its fine establishment, locals love it, too.

Whether at Crux's inside bar or in the giant outdoor space—featuring cornhole, music and more—you can find everyone from families to teenagers, grandparents, 20-year-olds or even a caravan of dogs all hanging out. At the same time, it's also possible to find a spot to go pretty unbothered... a grassy spot on the lawn; the perfect kickback, a nice beer, hanging with friends for hours on end.

Best Locals' Hangout
Isaac Biehl

Scenes like that are probably why Crux is taking home the victory in our new category: Best Locals' Hangout.

"It means everything to us," says Marketing Manager Jason Randles. "I think most businesses in Bend are trying to lure the locals in. That is what drives the business and keeps us going all year long. We love that we can be the choice for people out of town to come to our brewery, but more importantly, we want to be the place that locals think of."

It's a rare thing to feel this at home at a place this popular—but Crux has it figured out, and Randles couldn't be happier.

"We appreciate it and hope to see everyone throughout the year!"

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Crux Fermentation Project

50 SW Division St., Bend Southern Crossing


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