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A teacher used to tell us that if "you look good, you'll feel good." To be honest, it's a pretty solid mantra to live by, because when you're stylin,' you're smilin.'

Guys, I know it can be tough to find a place with the right variety of clothing or one that offers the options to help you match your individual style, though at REVOLVR, this all comes easy. Everything from the best flannels, stylish button-ups, rad hats, socks and watches to get your accessory game on point... there's a little something for all the guys here.

Best Men's Clothing
Isaac Biehl

Are you more of a casual guy? They've got you covered. Looking to find the right outfit for that next job interview? Also covered. Needing a gift for your male partner, friend, or relative? Snap.

"There's really nowhere for guys to shop here that they have a large selection," says co-owner Christine Davis. This is one of the main reasons why Davis, and her partner, Jon Davis, decided to open up a second location here in Bend—the first store being in Bozeman, Montana.

In reality, she makes a good point. REVOLVR has clothes that people in Central Oregon really do wear– and can wear for multiple outings. "There's a lot of trends that come out of L.A. or New York that would not fit—in Bozeman or in Bend," says Jon Davis. "It's definitely filtering through that and figuring out things that fit our market and our store."

At REVOLVR you can find big brands like Levi's or even local brands like Bearded Oregon. Plus, they'll even offer you a taste of some local beer when you walk into the store. Growing up dreading trips to the mall, I can confidently say that buying clothes has never been so fun.

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Revolvr Menswear

945 NW Wall St. Suite 100, Bend Downtown


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Local Joe

929 NW Wall St., Bend

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