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Best Of Central Oregon

2020 Best of Central Oregon

Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore...

2020 Best of Central Oregon
Design By Darris Hurst

A global pandemic. A summer of reckoning over police brutality. And now, a spate of deadly wildfires.

During this troubling year, Central Oregonians could use a dose of good news, right?!

This year, our 2020 Best of Central Oregon issue explores the magical world of Oz—where heartless Tin Men see their souls restored; where we discover that indeed, there is no place quite like home. 

In homage to the many hard-working service employees (and owners) serving us up that yummy takeout and delivery, we've added a host of new categories in the Dining section this year, including Best New Restaurant categories for Bend, Redmond, Sisters and Sunriver—and added a Best Food Cart category for Redmond, too. Also new: Best Indoor Plant Store, because plants make people happy.

Meanwhile, featured on this year's cover is a representative of an industry that we've seen take on even more importance this year: The heroic grocery stores that have soldiered on, day after day. 

We may not be in Kansas anymore, but with this Best of Central Oregon section, filled with only good news, we hope to bring you back, somewhere over the rainbow.

Where trouble melts like lemon drops

High above the chimney tops….