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Pine Tavern

The Original Pine Tavern Restaurant & Bar on NW Brooks Street downtown at the foot of Oregon Avenue is a piece of Bend history. Founded in 1936 by the enterprising Maren Gribskov and Eleanor Bechen, it started as a restaurant serving the growing population of timber industry workers and their families. As Central Oregon’s economy and demographics have evolved, the iconic downtown establishment has been a constant. Eighty-six years after its founding The Pine Tavern tradition continues as Source Weekly readers have voted the restaurant Best Patio Dining this year, along with 2nd Best Happy Hour.

Best Patio Dining

Tucked under huge shade trees, the popular patio at Pine Tavern overlooks Mirror Pond. It’s a chill atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the busy downtown streets and an ideal spot to enjoy some Pine Tavern favorites like the soft scones with honey butter. Even on a summer day, the scones, which have been on the menu since the 1980s, are a must-have. Classic French onion soup, steamer clams, hazelnut encrusted mahi mahi, and a huge burger made with local grass-fed beef are other menu faves.

The front of the restaurant bar area has been renovated and updated in recent years but retains its old-school vibe and is a happy hour tradition. House-made sangria and daily food specials attract both locals and tourists.   

Owner Bill McCormick is grateful to everyone who voted for Pine Tavern. “I’m humbled because there is so much great competition,” he says, and goes on to wish everyone in the food and beverage business the best.

FIRST PLACE: Pine Tavern

Location Details

Pine Tavern

967 NW Brooks St., Bend Downtown


SECOND PLACE:  Monkless Belgian Ales