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Best Mac'N Cheese

Brother Jon's Alehouse

We live in a time where macaroni and cheese has become elevated, and I'm here for it. The dish has become a pub food staple, with each kitchen trying its own unique spin on the classic meal. That's among the reasons there's now an entire category for mac and cheese in this Best of Central Oregon readers' poll.

Brother Jon's Alehouse has long since perfected its take on mac and cheese and it's easy to tell why theirs has been voted Bend's favorite in this inaugural year for the category.

BroJo's has three very different styles of mac and cheese, which they graciously served me as a flight so I could try them all. Two things: 1) I submit that there is nothing more Bend than ordering a flight of mac and cheese from an alehouse and 2) This is something they should have on the menu every single day.

The thing that really blew me away by all three mac and cheeses (cheesi?) was how light they were. None of them included an over-richness of cheese or a heaviness in the pasta. First, the Creamy Mac and Cheese was just simple and delightful. The spiral pasta is delicious, with the cheese adding a balance both simple and complex that I wasn't expecting. When I imagine old fashioned, homemade mac and cheese, this is what I'm picturing.

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Jared Rasic
No, you're not dreaming. This is a flight of mac'n cheese!

The Spicy Grilled Chicken Mac (aka the Buffalo Mac) has been legendary for over a decade for a reason. The mouth-wateringly tender chicken, the smoky bacon and the blend of bleu cheese and Frank's combine to make a mac worth the status. This is a perfect mac and cheese.

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Nicole Vulcan

The final dish of my flight, the Grilled Chicken Pesto Mac, was a big surprise. The blend of baby tomatoes, parmesan, chicken, bacon and a thick, creamy pesto was effortlessly delicious. I've never had mac like this before and I think this might be love.

Which one of the three was "best" of this "Best Of" trio? All of the above.

Brother Jon's Alehouse

1051 NW Bond St., Bend


Open daily 11am-10pm

Second place:
Junior's Grill