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Rancher Butcher Chef

Rancher Butcher Chef, commonly known as RBC, defines itself as a modern steakhouse and butcher counter. What that means, according to co-owner Renee Gorham, is that the menu is more eclectic than your typical steakhouse.

It also means a festive atmosphere with family-style service. That family-style service is intentional, with the idea that passing plates and sharing dishes brings people together and gives guests the opportunity to try things they might not otherwise try. In addition to earning first place for Best New Restauarant, RBC also got second in the Best Steak category.

Gorham and her husband/partner, head chef John Gorham, are also passionate about sustainability, seeking to reinvigorate how the community shops for and prepares beef.

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Tyler Valzania
RBC’s home ranch is 7-Mile Creek Ranch in Ft. Klamath, part of the Country Natural Beef Cooperative.
They support and partner with ranching communities that produce the food they serve. RBC's home ranch is 7-Mile Creek Ranch in Ft. Klamath, Oregon, part of the Country Natural Beef Cooperative of family ranches. That co-op is part of a global community that prioritizes animal welfare, along with responsible and natural grazing practices.

While the RBC menu is chock full of things you would expect from a steakhouse – ribeye, porterhouse, T-bone and New York steaks, for example – there are also plenty of creative plates, salads and sides along with seasonal dishes to enjoy. Veracruz Octopus Cocktail, Spaghetti Western Carbonara and Creamed Cabbage are just a few examples of the variety of dishes offered.

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Trent Finlay
The RBC Butcher Shop, adjacent to the dining room, is open daily.

The Gorhams aspire to throw a party every night where everyone is welcome, creating a space for everyone. "We're just all about exceptional hospitality. We love what we do and are so happy to be here in Bend doing it," Gorham says.


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Tyler Valzania
The RBC dining room is located at The Grove in NW Crossing.

2838 NW Crossing Dr., Bend


Dining room open daily: 4:30pm-9:30pm

Butcher Shop open Mon-Thu: 3pm–9:30pm, Fri-Sat Noon-9:30pm

Second place:
Dear Mom Cafe

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