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'90s Fashion Comeback

Today's youth are partying like it's 1999, ironically of course.


n homage to our Party like it's 1999 issue, I would like to recognize the ways the youth are still partying like it's the '90s, such as denim overalls, combat boots, spaghetti-strap crop tops, and even scrunchies—welcome to 1990s, the 2018 style guide.

According to Cosmopolitan many of these trends from the 1990's aren't only making a comeback they're here to stay. 
'90s Fashion Comeback
One way to use a claw clip.

These trends are popping up from head to toe. In your hair try a “claw clip", maybe you've used them hold your hair up at the pool but, in the '90s they were the chic hair accessory. Now, they're everywhere.

'90s Fashion Comeback
Flannel accompanied with a black beanie, perfect.
How about bandanas? A staple to '90s fashion and today they are still worn, around the head and/or neck of every hip millennial. What else matches more perfectly with a flannel shirt? (Another trend from the '90s).

It gets even more bizarre; fanny packs are back. Fanny packs have bore the brunt of many fashion jokes but, let’s face it they’re brilliant. In the '90s they were a basic way to carry your stuff around, hands free! And that still applies today. 
'90s Fashion Comeback
Fanny pack ft. Pabst.

I don’t really want to mention the next item that the Millennial’s have dragged out of the giant well of 90's fashion but here it is, fish net tights. 
'90s Fashion Comeback
Look closely, that's hardwood floor and a carpet behind those ripped jeans.

Today, you may have seen them under ripped jeans. Don’t worry though, the holes aren’t from well worn pants, they were most likely purchased that way.

'90s Fashion Comeback
Style by mom's high-waisted jeans. Ft. Mexican Soda

Oh, and sorry slouchy boyfriend cut jeans, make way for high-waisted mom jeans. These flattering, and totally comfortable jeans are making a huge comeback. Sometimes paired with denim jackets, with or without patches. It’s almost like the Millenials raided their mom and dad’s nostalgia closets.

'90s Fashion Comeback
Straight from mom's closet.

**Personal Note: I like most of the resurfaced '90s trends, but, I wish one thing could've left one thing behind: tracksuits.

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