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In the Mailbag

The answers to your most burning questions

As a virtual shut-in with borderline hoarding tendencies (although, when tubs of stray power and USB cords and 15-year-old copies of High Times become coin of the realm, who will look foolish THEN?) I enjoy mail, telling me out the outside world and its cannabis concerns and curiosities.

To that end, here are the answers to some of the questions you've been asking.

Q: What's the best weed? What's the best weed you've ever smoked?

A: I don't ...for what? Sleep? House cleaning? Watching GOT? (There is no strain that makes viewing the British Carrot Top of shitty rhymes known as Ed Sheeran bearable. It does not exist.)

I cannot answer that question. I'm sorry. The effects vary based on a multitude of factors. I would focus more on how you are consuming your favorite, or untried but potential to become your new favorite, strains and extracts. Love and respect to the bong rippers, but I now use a vaporizer to consume my daily intake of cannabis. I taste more flavor notes, can vary the effects, extract a particular range of cannabinoids and terpenes based upon temperature settings, and I don't hack like a West Virginia coal miner.

The best I ever smoked was with someone I loved sitting on the couch laughing. I don't recall the strain, but I recall the person every day.

Q: I want to dab, but I'm scared. Should I be?

A: You should be...because over 14,000 Americans lost their lives last year while dabbing.

Wait, no...that's injuries from snowmobiles. I always get those two confused. I'm not sure why. Probably the dabs.

As I've written, there is tremendous value for medical users in dabbing, as the far higher THC content allows for faster onset of effects and longer duration of time between doses. Some users report a clear, "behind the eyes" sort of high, instead of a heavy, lethargic stone.

But that increased potency comes with a price, and not just of the costs of $30 to $60+ per gram. Over dabbing can lead to sweats, dizziness and the drooling, slack-jawed, face plant behavior known as DTFO, or Dabbed the Fuck Out. It's not a good look on anyone.

If you want to dance with the Devil's Play-Do(pe), do yourself and all things flammable, including your skin, a huge favor: skip the open flame torch and quartz nail, and start with an E-Nail or vaporizer with the ability to handle concentrates/extracts. Start at lower temps, and don't take lung busting hits. Have water at the ready if your body responds to this new sensation by strenuously attempting to expel a lung.

Q: I just found some old weed—like, Obama's-first-term-level-old—in a stash tin. Is it still any good?

A: Drop it off at the Source Weekly offices, and I'll let you know.

Based on its age, the THC has denigrated into CBN. It's going to be great for sleep, but not much else. Try reviving it by dropping in a Bovida pak, a two-way humidity control item that will restore your relative humidity to an ideal 58-62 percent. Don't have one of those laying around? Luddite. A slice of apple or a handful of blueberries for about five to 12 hours in a tightly sealed glass jar will work.

Q: Without any legally sanctioned and designated spaces for cannabis consumption, where I am supposed to get high?

A: Great question.

You aren't.

For a state (and its cities) that certainly seem to enjoy the benefits of cannabis taxation and permit and license fees, its gets awfully quiet when this question comes up. Short answer: In a private home, or outside, fenced off in some fashion so that passersby can't see you inhale and exhale.

But from what I see walking the mean streets, there are no fucks to be given surrounding public consumption. Cars, steps, sidewalks, in front of bars, etc. I can't advise you go that route, but I wouldn't blame you if you did.

Have a question for Smoke Signals? Had trouble reaching out in the past? In some kind of debacle that we can only attribute to being stoner-related, our Smoke Signals email had been defunct until now. We've fixed it—so send your love mail our way! [email protected]

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