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Insta-Watch x2

Insta-Watch x2
Erin Hullinger

This week I feature two female artists in our community in my last Insta-Watch. Next year, I hope to feature Central Oregon artists in a new way throughout the year, so you can get to know your friendly local artists some more.

@Domko Fine Art Dominique Kongsli

Color is abundant in Dominique Kongsli's art. It's robust and bright and well, happy. Often painting landscapes and other subjects of nature, Kongsli's work is rich with emotion and movement. Through Instagram, she does a great job of showing her process over time, allowing you to see the layers of paint and color she builds to give her work an abstract quality. It's particularly fun to see her start with her inspiration and continue to the final piece. If you're lucky, in the summer, you may even catch her outside with her canvas, painting "en plein air." You may even capture some of her enthusiasm for the natural world.

@Lodge Pole Studio Erin Hullinger

Insta-Watch x2
Erin Hullinger

Art can break things down, showing sections of the world in a new way that helps you understand it better. Erin Hullinger does just that with her sparse and deeply colorful watercolor landscapes that capture the breath and light of our high desert. It is in this simplicity that you can see the grace and calm of the beauty of the region. Her Instagram feed also showcases her block prints, which she often creates with just one subject being deeply looked at, like a June Beetle or a Northern Flicker or a group of Birch Trees. It's her ability to showcase her subject in a deeply simple way that allows the subject to shine and her work to bring you an easy, simple, joy— similar to how it feels when you look out at the morning sky or glance upon the mountains while you're driving— a quick, easy reminder of how exquisite life can be.

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