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Scrapheap Challenge

Annual Trashformation turns garbage into gold

A stool frame, a hubcap, a 50-gallon drum and a school desk are some of the materials that make up "Sinister Fish," an extremely angry-looking, four-foot-long metal sculpture of an imagined sea creature. The art piece was assembled in just two days, using only materials found in the eastside Pakit Liquidators Junk Yard.

Turning trash to treasure is no easy task, but each year during Earth Month, teams of artists, hobbyists and junk enthusiasts take to Pakit to do just that.

The hybrid junkyard, hardware store and antique shop annually opens its lot to participants who create alternative art using whatever materials they can find in the salvage yard.

Pat Korish, who opened the Pakit in 1996, was inspired by the TLC reality-TV show "Junk Yard Wars" to start the event, which has been a steady event for 15 years now.

"All of the stuff is already here," said Korish. "It's all about recycling, reusing and repurposing."

On Sunday afternoon, middle school teachers Bleu Turrell and Steve Moroukian were welding the finishing touches on "Sinister Fish."

"I'm not sure if we planned to do something so aggressive," explained Turrell, "but we knew we wanted something with flowing lines." Moroukian explained how the piece would eventually unevenly rust, adding even more character to the sculpture.

Past Trashformations have been displayed in Drake Park and in the Old Mill District. This year, the creations will be at the Environmental Center for the Earth Day Celebration.

Trashformation Display

11 am Saturday, April 20

Central Oregon Environmental Center, 16 NW Kansas Ave.


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