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Sheila Dunn: Painting Bikes

Sheila Dunn: Painting Bikes
John Watson The Radavist

Bend artist Sheila Dunn has a new canvas these days: bikes! Approached by David Marchi, owner of Crow's Feet Commons, to customize the Open brand bike frames they were selling, Dunn has taken her unique style to create these one-of-a-kind bikes. Taking her style of broad colorful brushstrokes and translating that style to a clean streamlined bike frame proved to be a good learning curve for Dunn. While it was a challenge, it's one that paid off, getting a great response from customers and an order to do more, reports Dunn. Bikes: a new, fun and interesting prospect for the art community to explore.

Sheila Dunn
Bikes at Crow's Feet Commons
869 NW Wall St #4, Bend

Sheila Dunn: Painting Bikes
Paula Bullwinkel

Awesome local art, found on Instagram

Paula Bullwinkel


If you're curious how an artist goes from inspiration to final piece, you'll love Paula Bullwinkel's Instagram. A cross between images from her travels, to process shots of her paintings, you can begin to see where and how Bullwinkel's process is influenced by her everyday life. A photographer as well as a painter and a printmaker, Bullwinkel has a keen eye for showcasing street-style and art from around the world. Her feed feels partly like a journal of her life and partly a showcase of how she transfers imagery that inspires her into her dream-like paintings that both spark your imagination and leave you with commentary on today's current affairs.

Teafly Peterson

For the last 20 years, I have been working as an artist and an educator. Some days I am better at one than the other. The good days are when I am excellent at both simultaneously. I love those days. I teach a variety of mediums– painting, drawing, photography, writing, film making. Mostly what I teach is how to...
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