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Staging Tricks to Make Your Home Look Bigger

As a realtor who helps numerous clients sell their older homes, I often use for useful hints on how to create an appearance of more space—often an issue in smaller homes, such as those found in the downtown Bend area.

As fall sets in and we focus more on the interiors of our homes—and begin to plan for holiday guests, etc., these hints are useful for homes of any size, to improve appearance and reduce clutter. I often make similar recommendations when I'm listing a smaller home—and even offer these tips for owners of some older homes, too.

A few of the main things to consider are:

  • Reduce clutter and get rid of unwanted and unneeded items. This includes excess accessories and wall art, and clearing kitchen counters. Leaving the bare minimum opens up a space. If you're moving, consider it a head start on packing.
  • Try to keep your color schemes monochromatic. Contrasting colors can make your space feel choppy, while using similar colors gives it more of a continuous feel. This rule also applies to rugs, recommended at a minimum to prevent a choppy feel. The objective is to have a continuous flow.
  • Maximizing the lighting in rooms. This includes hanging curtain rods higher and keeping curtains open as much as possible, as well as properly placing mirrors to reflect light from windows. All of these can brighten up a darker room and create the illusion of larger windows, depth and more space.
  • Don't be afraid of having empty spaces. This particularly applies to corners of walls. Try to avoid having furniture or other items placed at the end of a wall. Leaving some space creates the illusion of more space.

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Nick Nayne, Principal Broker

Principal Broker at The Broker Network Realty in Bend, OR. Over 12 years experience in Real Estate working with buyers, sellers and investment properties.
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