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Stay and Bake

With the new recreational law going into effect in July, all sorts of new businesses will be opening up across Oregon. An interesting niche has emerged—cannabis-friendly lodging—and businesses like Bud and Breakfast have jumped on in. Bud and Breakfast provides listings on its website for weed-friendly places to stay while traveling. Co-founder and CEO Sean Roby says, "It might not be as big of a deal for people who live in states where [weed] is legal, but for people coming in from areas where it's not, it's a big deal to be able to stay in places where it is."

Roby was traveling in New Zealand when his daughter called to inform him that Colorado had legalized recreational marijuana. As someone who loved travel, he saw a real entrepreneurial opportunity and ran with it. Located in Boulder, Colorado, Bud and Breakfast is a website that provides listings for lodgings all over the world (including Spain, Holland, Uraguay, Jamaica, Argentina, Mexico, Italy, and U.S. states where medical or recreational is legal). To qualify for a listing, a lodging must simply be cannabis-friendly in locations where it is legal, and offer space outside, inside, or both for safe weed use. "In places like Colorado you're allowed to gift a certain amount, so some places will do things like leave a few joints on the pillow," says Roby.

Bud and Breakfast does not handle any of the legal aspects concerning the lodgings; it simply provides the listings, and one can book a reservation from the website. With at least six states predicted to legalize either medical or recreational in 2016, business is looking better and better for Bud and Breakfast. As for Oregon? Roby says, "I think there are a lot of organizations that are starting to get in touch with us more than ever with the law going into effect in July."

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