1. It's your chance to see a true story of the American Dream co-starring Bend. I went broke making this show at the Tower Theatre two years ago because I believed in it. I never could have done it without the people of Bend who really got behind me. It's your chance to see the dream come full circle.

2. This show made history. It's the livest live show in the history of one-hour comedy specials because it was live and entirely improvisational. Prior to this show, there were only three networks doing one-hour comedy specials, HBO, Comedy Central and Showtime. When AXS TV picked it up we broke new ground.

3. It's funny. If you were at the taping of the show you may remember the bearhunter and the lady who was allergic to everything, including rats, cats, dogs, dustmites and pine. Plus I'll do some live comedy and hit on all the best local Bend jokes that were pulled in editing for national audiences.

4. It's going to be surreal. You will actually be sitting in the Tower Theatre watching a movie that was filmed in the Tower Theatre. Trippy.

5. On that note, this movie is like viewing a time capsule of Bend and its people. If you were at the filming you'll want to be there to see whether your hair looks better these days. If not, you'll want to be there to see all your neighbors and tease them about how much better their hair looks these days.

6. This movie will inspire pride in your town. You'll see Bend in a new light. This show exposed some of the different aspects of that city through the eyes of an outsider.

7. This show will make you feel all the nostalgia and giddiness of a high school reunion. People who traveled from far and wide to crew the show will be in the audience. People who were in the film will be sitting next to you.

8. The show will be interactive, just in a different way than the first round. There'll be a Q and A with the audience. Expect that this will mostly be about how in the hell we managed to pull this off. Jokes will ensue.

9. Did I mention it will be funny? You'll get to know the strange characters of Bend—I managed to find some real whackadoodles in the crowd.

10. Bottom line: I want you to come to celebrate the success of this cool thing we did together, Bend. At so many points, we weren't sure whether the show would air, but in the end because of your participation in the show and my faith, we made it happen. It'll make you want to kick off the new year ready to take your own chances.

Cash Levy: Crowd Control

8 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 29

All ages. $14.

Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St.

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