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All Day Long

Boneyard's Bone Light is for summer

Finally craft brewers have figured out that not every beer has to be so heavy that it's one-and-done. Oftentimes, a light, easy-drinking, "give-me-another" makes more sense. (Plus, better for business, am I right?) Enter the simple session ale, this summer's beer du jour.

Hood River's Full Sail Brewing has been making Session Lager (5.1%, 18 IBU) for years and now (also, Session Black and Session Fest), but now other breweries are catching on. Deschutes' River Ale is an approachable 4% and similarly easy to drink, though at 28 IBUs it could dial back the hops a bit. Boneyard's Bone Light (very similar to their popular Shotgun Session Ale), however, is a fine example of the summer session beer. Crisp and refreshing, thankfully devoid of hops (20 IBUs) but not without flavor, the 4% Bone Light is beer done right.

Find it on tap at Boneyard Beer.

Editor's note: We're not anti-hops at the Source, but neither are we blindly for hops' just for hops sake. Some beers need more, some need less. Boneyard's RPM IPA, at 50 IBUs, is one of the best beers in the country. There, I said it!

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