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Brat Pack Lunch Box

What the Breakfast Club is eating

With Molly Ringwald in town this week, we thought it was a great time to catch up with the Breakfast Club, and ask where they eat when they visit Bend.

Andy (a bag of chips, chocolate cookies, three sandwiches, milk, a banana and an apple): I actually prefer New York City Sub (1075 NW Newport Ave.) —lots of bread, meat and cheese—but my friends hang out at Jackson's Corner (845 NW Delaware Ave.), so you know, I do, too. Yeah, I mean, you should go sometime. I probably won't say "hi" to you, though, because you know, you're just a freshman and all. Their Country Breakfast is great (order two!), eggs over easy laid on a bed of roasted vegetables; heavy on the protein, light on the saturated fats. Keeps my weight down to fighting form. YAH! (Thumps chest.) When the big game is on, though, you know, when the boys are really grappling, all sweaty and grab-assing each other, I head over to JC's Bar & Grill (642 NW Franklin Ave.). Is that cool?

Claire (sushi): Some jerk once told me that I am a fat person. Not that I'm fat necessarily, but he said that I would balloon up someday. You know what, though, I'm not. And I haven't. I eat right. I eat well. And I'm so glad you asked how I stayed perky and petite. I really am. That was nice of you. I end up spending a lot of my time at Boken (852 NW Brooks St.). I would love to eat their rolls if they weren't so caloric; the Phuket (careful how you say that!) is my favorite. Oops! I mean, I've heard it is really good: Sharp Korean spices cooled by the avocado. Yum. If I wasn't watching weight—or, if no one was watching it for me—I'd also order their sweet potato fries, which are the best balance of meatness and crispness this side of Burgerville. And, of course, their sushi is the best in town. The Geisha is a clever scallop roll; the spicy ginger and scallions really lift up the other flavors. It is my favorite.

John (nothing): You really think that I give a shit what you eat. Eat my shorts for all I care. I actually bet you'd like that, you freaking dweeb. I mean, you don't even know what you like to eat, you have to read stupid food reviews like this to tell you where to go. You know what we eat at the Bender house? Fuckin' mac-and-cheese on Christmas. That's as good as it gets. And a pack of smokes. But you . . . I bet you don't even like food, you just eat it because your friends do. Yeah, well, fuck you.

Allison (a sandwich with Pixie Stix and Cap'n Crunch cereal): What scares me the most is that the world will run out of sugar. In fact, I hoard it. I have a pound of C&H Pure Cane right here in my purse. Want to see it? No?

Well. . .for a good fix, you know, just to keep me going, La Magie (949 NW Bond St.) is stocked. I could eat the whole menu. I did once, too, you know. They recently expanded, though, to include not just their pastry case full of cream-stuffed éclair (hmm) and silky red velvet cupcakes, but they now serve lunch like quiches. Why waste stomach space on that stuff? I see other people eat that stuff, and it looks like they enjoy it, but I think they're fakes. I also head over to Glazed & Amused Doughnuts (67 NW Greenwood Ave.). A lot. I go there A LOT. The Car Bomb drizzles (whiskey, instead of my normal vodka) caramel on top of piles of (Guinness-soaked) brownie chunks and pulls it all together with (Bailey's) infused cream cheese. Oh yeah. They pack a punch. I had an Irish orgasm once when I bit into one. I have lots of orgasms. But this one was epic.

Brian (soup, PB&J sandwich, apple juice): Nutrition is just so important. You'd be wacked to not eat three square meals a day. It really keeps me regular, and functioning at my best. But, where is the best place to eat in town? That is a difficult question. I mean, you eat what you want to eat. I can't tell you where to eat, or what to eat. Each of us has our own tastes. OK, right, I'm sidestepping the question. I can do that sometimes, be too clever for my own good. Mother's (1255 NW Galveston Ave.) has a PBJJ smoothie which is just like the PB&J sandwich my mom makes without the crust, or the bread, or the solidity. On Friday nights, I also like Olde Town Pizza (118 NW Greenwood Ave.), where I can enjoy a meal with my mom and dad while they discuss my future doctoral degree over the red-checkered tablecloths. It really is a wet dream for family dining.

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