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Little Bites: Enough with the Pumpkin Spice, Already!

Local baristas tell us what other flavors they love for fall

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are all the rage – becoming synonymous with things like Ugg boots, yoga pants and a general need to roam in packs of fellow Brandies, Tracis, and anyone who dots the "i" in their name with a heart.

Yes, pumpkin is delicious. It's a fall flavor and people are putting it in everything, but how did this whole "PSL" rage happen? Actually...why do any fads happen? Let's not dive into that rabbit hole. Instead, let's check out what else you could be drinking.

With my messy bun on point and my sweater just barely off my shoulder I headed to ask the professionals in the coffee biz, "What should I really be drinking in the fall?"

Todd Yule, Lone Pine Coffee

Todd is my go-to when it comes to advice on what to drink. I rarely listen to him, but he is pretty great so I had to ask his professional opinion. "What should people be drinking instead of pumpkin spice lattes? Uhhh, whiskey. Of course." Yule...that's why I love you. Actually, Lone Pine offers an alternative flavor that is not only of the season, but also very Oregon: Hazelnut. "Pumpkin spice can really overpower the coffee itself...We like to create something that captures what we think of when we think of fall and that's hazelnut."

Rebecka Sipe: Thump Coffee

I asked Rebecka if people have been asking for pumpkin spice yet and her reply? "Several a day, but we wont be serving them until October. People appear to be on the 'Starbucks schedule' (which has been offering this drink since the start of this month)," says Sipe. "I try not to judge, but if you want a drink that still reminds you of fall and you don't want to come out as a pumpkin spice enthusiast, you can always save your pride and order a traditional cappuccino."

Really, whatever your fall fashion flavor is, my advice is to order what you want. So what if you like boyfriend jeans and contouring? Drink whatever makes you happy; maybe just try a few other things while you're at it. I heard whiskey is a great alternative.

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