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Kombucha Love: Make your own new flavor

Joe creates a new Kombucha flavor for the Kombucha lovers to try.

I have to admit it; some people think it tastes like fermented garbage, but I’m a huge kombucha fan. It’s the earthy taste mixed with effervescence and the lift I get afterwards. Since I’ve given up alcohol, it is the closest I’ve come to drinking a beer.

Kombucha is reported by many to be a detoxifier of the body, and an energizer of the mind.

Of course, since there are conflicting stories about these benefits, let me just say that I feel them myself and leave it there. I will also say that, contrary to popular belief, it is not a mushroom that creates the kombucha culture, but rather a symbiotic combination of bacteria and yeast (the acronym used for this combination is SCOBY).

There is only one issue that I have with local kombucha purveyors: I want a new flavor. I’m not saying that I don’t love all current offerings from Kombucha Mama and Brew Dr. Kombucha. I do. I am especially fond of Lemon Ginger varieties.

I just think that with summer’s arrival we deserve a new flavor to ring in the joy. And I know what this flavor should be: Blueberry Basil.

But because it’s not available around town, I decided to make it myself.

I chose blueberry because of all its super anti-oxidant benefits, and its super deliciousness. I chose basil because its pungent sweet anise flavor is the perfect compliment to both the kombucha and the blueberry.

To make a blueberry basil kombucha mocktail at home is easy. Begin by choosing an original kombucha brew, like Kombucha Mama’s original blend and keep it cold.

I wanted big, juicy blueberries, so I chose some from the downtown farmers market and Rick Steffen Farms out of Silverton. The Genovese basil came from my own herb garden.

Muddle the basil thoroughly, add the berries, and muddle for another 30 seconds or so. Add the kombucha and stir.

After allowing the mixture to steep for a minute or so, strain out the solids.

I loved the flavors together, but wanted more, so I added the solids back in. Maybe it was the stronger flavor, maybe it was the textural interest, but I definitely preferred having the solids in the drink.

Others may disagree. They may say that pieces of basil and blueberry only get stuck in your teeth and take away from the enjoyment of the drink.

No matter which version one may prefer, the blueberry basil kombucha mocktail is delicious. So, please try one, and let's encourage local producers to bottle it for us.

Photo taken by Joe Benevento.

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