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Sunriver Brewing Co. moves into town

The pub formerly known as the Sunriver Brewhouse recently opened up a new location in the Galveston area. This spawn of the Brewhouse, both referred to as the Sunriver Pub and the Galveston Pub, takes all the best of what the mama location has to a more accessible Bend location. On Feb. 18 the new pub opened its doors to an eager audience, many of whom are patrons of the original pub in Sunriver. Having been a successful hit since 2012, the Sunriver Pub knew the demand for an easier, more readily available locale. Although not actively looking to expand right away, some things just happen, and for the benefit of Bend, the opening of the Galveston Pub happened.

Ryan Duley is the director of sales and marketing and has been with the company since the beginning. Originally coaxed into being the general manager of the original pub, it didn't take long for those in charge to see his potential better utilized. Smart move, because with just about a month under its belt, the Galveston Pub is already getting overwhelmingly positive feedback. Duley talks about the benefits of being closer to town, especially when it comes to avid beer/pub chasers. "A lot of people make plans to come to the Sunriver Pub, but a lot of times that doesn't get around to happening," he says with a laugh. "People end up having a few too many in town and don't end up wanting to make the drive out there." It's one of the many downfalls of being a responsible adult.

No longer does the public have to make that tough choice, and there may be other advantages than driving distance to the new location. The new pub has a much more intimate feel to it; it's smaller than the mama pub, but still carries the favorites that made the original so successful. Starting with the fried avocados is one of the best decisions that can be made in life. Go to a good school, marry your best friend, then order and eat the fried avocados. Roughly 70 percent of the menu carried over with about 10 taps for beer. Even five employees made the journey to the new location to help aid in its opening.

When coming into the pub, one of the first things to notice are the genuine smiles, not just on the faces of those enjoying their meals or drinks, but from the team working. Duley speaks highly of the 30 workers. "We got lucky with the staff. Right off the bat it was like a well-oiled machine," he says. "We are ecstatic about them as a whole. " Living in such a close-knit community as Bend, that kind of smart luck is important. While many establishments focus the first few months, or even years, fine-tuning menu items, establishing a clientele or even just working to get into a rhythm, Galveston Pub is in the unique position where all of that has been done previously and conquered. Really, the main focus of this pub can truly be what a pub is all about: Good brew, good people, and good times.

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