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The Brown Owl's New Pub & Restaurant

The who's who of food opens a venue near downtown

What was once a beloved and insanely popular food cart has now found a permanent perch in the Old Mill Market Place, home to many new shops opening this spring. The Brown Owl is expected to open in mid-April. Owner and operator of The Brown Owl, Lisandro Ramon is eagerly awaiting the birth of his third child all, while his brainchild also wraps up its final production phase. Certain specifics, much like a child's personality, will come a bit later. Ramon would just like to see his brain-baby have all 10 fingers and toes and be a happy, healthy, hip hub. There will be live music, a variety of drinks, good food, good times and many opportunities for mingling.

From family to patrons to friends and acquaintances, it seems like everyone is pitching in to see this once mobile venue turn into a stationary Bend staple. Ramon talks about how his dad, Jose Ramon, has put some serious backing, not just physically and emotionally, but also financially, into making his dream a reality. "Without him, none of this would be happening," says Ramon. Aside from his father making the contributions, many of Ramon's friends have also been applying their knowledge and skills to aid in the construction. That so many people have put some serious blood, sweat, and tears into the raising of this barn-style venue, says a lot about the belief in its success.

Expected to have about a dozen employees at the time of opening, almost all new, speaks to the fresh start in the growing of the Old Mill Market Place. The overall look of the new venue is very much a rustic and relaxing atmosphere. With design elements of wood and steel throughout the entire interior, this warehouse-style space is both cozy and functional. Most of the materials used have been reclaimed from recycled bits and pieces to transform this once empty space into a comfortable new owl's nest worth checking out.

When asked about his dream for The Brown Owl, Ramon discusses a few of the things that he knows from personal experience that Bend needs. Having two, and soon three, children, he pointed out that Bend lacks a bit on family-friendly pubs. This professional chef of 10 years is making it so that families can all enjoy what The Brown Owl has to offer during the day. "Even though it's a bar, families are always welcomed," says Ramon, adding that there will be an adult and kids' menu to suit all tastes. The bar will be full service, serving up beverages to go along with his classic "cart originals," one of which will still be its famed chicken sandwich. In addition to keeping the most popular of the current menu items, with a larger space comes a larger menu. For those who have a hard time with change, fear not, the familiar and completely recognizable cart will still be a functioning part of the plan. Parked out front, this Bend favorite will serve as a cooking and ordering station, so while enjoying a couple of drinks at the new venue, there will be no need to quit the night early in search of food.

Having a comparably bigger space than the cart, yet a relatively cozier one in comparison to larger bars Ramon enjoys the idea of the intimacy when it comes to allowing people to grow outside of their circles and start meeting people around them. "Most places, you come in with your friends, and leave with them as well. There is no socializing beyond the group," says Ramon, "I want to change that." The Brown Owl's intimate charm, music, the food, and the possibility of meeting someone new, all in an enjoyable atmosphere, is a great recipe for an amazing time.

The Brown Owl

550 SW Industrial Way Suite 120, Bend

For future updates about the opening, follow The Brown Owl on social media.

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