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The Nest Grows Larger

Sparrow Bakery adds a new location—and more!

Eli Reichman

Sparrow Bakery Northwest is so much more than just another place to purchase Bend's favorite pastry, the Ocean Roll. Recently opened in Northwest Crossing, it's a large, open space with ample natural lighting, high ceilings, plenty of tables and a fresh, urban decor that's sophisticated yet inviting. It's the kind of place where you could have business meetings during the week and then walk over in your PJs with your family on Saturday morning: A neighborhood cafe with a hip, city feel.

Owned by Whitney and Jessica Keatman, it's the second Sparrow Bakery in Bend (the original is on Scott Street, next to the Old Iron Works Arts District). Sparrow Northwest offers a fantastic balance of everything Bendites love about the cozy Scott Street location, but with a bit more room to slow down and enjoy it. "We love that people are excited about our food, and we wanted to give them a chance to sit down and have a meal with us," said John Riordan, General Manager of Sparrow NW.

On the menu you'll find the classics from the Scott Street Sparrow: the Monte Cristo Sandwich, Ocean Rolls, croissants, breads, and pastries. But there are some new items added specially to the NW menu as well. Neighborhood regulars who may not want to indulge in a delicious croissant pastry every single day of the week can opt for steel cut oats, made with creme, brown sugar, dried cherries and pecans, or fresh grapefruit with a vanilla sugar brulee. For kids, known at Sparrow as "baby birds," there's The Haze Special, a medley inspired by and named after a regular family at the Scott Street Sparrow.

Inspired by the New Orleans tradition, Sparrow NW also offers its own take on beignets, a French dough that's deep-fried and doused in powdered sugar. The Sparrow Beignets are a little larger than bite-size and an order includes about a dozen. They aren't coated in powdered sugar like those you see in New Orleans, but instead they come with a light dusting of powdered sugar and a dipping sauce that features rotating flavors—I dipped my beignets in a creme anglaise with grapefruit zest. The light creme sauce and hint of citrus balanced out the richness of the fried Pate a Choux dough and would pair perfectly with a mimosa. Yes, Sparrow Northwest offers select adult beverages, including wine, beer, bubbly, and hard cider. "It's really fun when people who have been regulars for years come in and their eyes light up, 'You have mimosas now?'," said Riordan, his own eyes lighting up as he describes the scene.

Another perhaps little known secret is that Sparrow makes its own boiled bagels, using a starter that's as old as the bakery itself (8 years), and they're wonderful—the dough is chewy, not too soft or doughy. Riordan also dropped a hint about a new, all-vegetarian sandwich in the works for the future. Sparrow Bakery seems to be doing it all, and judging by the bustling crowds, it's working. Whether you're a Northwest Crossing resident or just happen to find yourself on the westside, it's worth stopping by to see for yourself everything that Sparrow Northwest has to offer. In fact, I recommend taking some friends out for mimosas and beignets.

Sparrow Bakery Northwest

2748 NW Crossing Dr, Suite 110

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