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The Winter Warmer

Cocktailing - warm up with two pairs of pants and a winter cocktail.

It's the time of year when going out involves more than two pieces of clothing and a pair of flip-flops. Jackets, hats, scarves, gloves, earmuffs, mittens, ear warmers, nose warmers and a myriad of other clutter is strewn about once everyone is gone from the bar and we turn the lights up. And of course, whoever is missing these abandoned items is positive someone stole them, and ninety-nine percent of the time whatever has been lost is really just on the floor getting danced on.

One night, a young man would not give up the notion that someone had certainly hijacked his beloved AC/DC sweatshirt that he shanghaied from his big brother in 1994. He bemoaned that his sweatshirt was his best friend and his identity; and he couldn't believe someone would take it. I too couldn't believe someone would take it, because I'm fairly sure there is not a hot second market for ratty, has-been band sweatshirts. And apparently there's not - as we soon found it right next to where he had been sitting all night.

One night while sweeping, a pair of polypropylene Patagonia long underwear stuck to the broom. As this was a first in the lost and found, we all anxiously awaited his phone call as it is given that you get to razz anyone who admits to taking off two pairs of pants in a crowded bar and then leaves one. As we all had admiration for his gumption, we had his pants dry-cleaned and bought him a beer.

A word to the wise is that you don't need any of this stuff in the bar. Be tough and take the few steps it takes to get inside without heaps of winter wear because chances are after a couple of cocktails and hours of shaking your hiney, you will be thinking about who to take home, not what to take home.

Winter Warmer

1.5 ounce kahlua

1.5 ounce creme de cacoa

3 ounces of hot coffee

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