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Worthy's Hop Fetish Goes to 11

When talking hops, Eruption shows more is better, and too much is just enough

Forget about the aggressive name. Worthy's Eruption is more sports car than volcano. This beer boasts a lot of horsepower with 8 percent ABV and 100+ IBU, but those numbers are misleading. Far from an explosion, it's all about skilled handling of powerful elements. The result is a medium-full bodied, quite drinkable beer.

With subtle malt-sweetness and pronounced fruity esters, Eruption carries a distinctive apricot note. The hop aroma is quite strong, but not loud. The alcohol is well balanced and almost hidden. But make no mistake, this is a boozy beer.

Eruption is for hop-heads seeking a break from the flood of IPAs and IIPAs. It's an excellent beer for food pairing and will shine next to red meat or pork with fresh herbs, or—perhaps more timely—Easter lamb. Worthy has already made popular beer in its brief time on the scene, but Eruption is easily its most refined to date.

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