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A Central Oregon Love Song

Kolby Knickerbocker's latest song is an ode to his wife... just in time for Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time for couples to decide on a special song that can be all yours. Music is a great vessel of emotion—so why not dedicate a song to your partner? Or if your skills fit the bill, write a song for them... which happens to be exactly what Bend artist Kolby Knickerbocker did.

Knickerbocker's latest is a tribute to his wife, titled "Over and Over." The song releases to the public Feb. 10, and serves as the title track to Knickerbocker's upcoming EP, set to release April 2. The message behind the song is that through everything, as life goes on, Knickerbocker vows to continue to always be there for his wife, over and over again.

A Central Oregon Love Song
Courtesy Kolby Knickerbocker
Look for Knickerbocker's "Over and Over" EP out April 2.

"This song is very special to me as I think of my daughter and son when I hear the lyrics. Knowing that they will one day feel the emotion that I have for their mother, my wife, and knowing that they will one day be able to really hear the dedication that we had as a couple is very personal and special to me," says Knickerbocker. The singer-songwriter's music has a mellow, countrified sound to it, often with strings and Knickerbocker's soulful voice carrying the tunes along.

The singer-songwriter's music has a mellow, countrified sound to it, often with strings and Knickerbocker's soulful voice carrying the tunes along. As he describes on his Bandcamp profile, "indieacoustic would be a start but doesn't quite capture the essence."

"Over and Over" kicks off with an epic gospel effect, one that Knickerbocker created by recording 15 separate vocal tracks, which come back around throughout the song to keep the moment lifted. With a slight gravel in his voice, Knickerbocker's tone fits right in place on "Over and Over," making for a true grand love song. You can't help but see it being played at weddings all over. So if you need a song to share with your loved one, I'm sure Knickerbocker wouldn't mind if you found a bit of your own relationship in his song.

Leading off with such a powerful single for his EP is a great attention grabber, and the three other songs that come with "Over and Over" should follow right in line with its emotional details. As Knickerbocker says, the title also comes from his relationship with being a musician.

"It can be draining, with long nights and lots of hard work, but I always come back to it because it is something that I love to do. It is endlessly challenging and endlessly fulfilling, so I will come back to writing songs and being a musician over and over, no matter how challenging."

Look for "Over and Over" on streaming services Feb. 10 and the rest of the EP on April 2.

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