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Hungry for some incredible tunes, too? Whether you're dancing or shoegazing, you'll find some sounds to positively love. We have more than a dozen acts lined up to perform on Minnesota Avenue's Music Stage. Country. Pop. Rock. Folk. Swing. Alternative. And lots more. Nationally known performers mixed in with some dazzling new local bands. The Bite of Bend bash is easily one of the biggest free music events of the summer!

Friday 23


Jones Road, an alternative rock band based in Bend, is the perfect blend of the unique and the familiar.  Their originals and covers bring a fresh, yet recognizable sound to '90s alternative, Southern rock and even a hint of country. 

With energetic live shows full of sing-a-longs and good times for all, Jones Road knows how to entertain every type of music fan.

Members include Jordan Roberts (bass), Randy Vance (lead vocals), Shane Osborne (lead guitar) and Nole Kennedy (percussion).hed themselves as one of the city's top super groups.


This notable and dedicated indie rock band has gone through a series of unexpected changes since forming in early 2015. As they put it, they're now "finding their way through the dark"—and finally coming into their own.

The band sums it up best—describing themselves this way: "It's been hard, but they continue to push forward. As long as they have to will to write and perform, Corner Gospel Explosion will always exist."

Brothers Bradley David Parsons (vocals/drums/synth) and Tyler Parsons (bass), ready for new challenges, now want to push the boundaries of what you know to be a two-piece band. Expect huge growling bass, hard hitting drums and catchy vocals. 

Jared Rasic wrote last year:

"Corner Gospel Explosion shall not be pigeonholed. The debut album 'Tension' bounces between styles that most bands need years to gain the confidence to pull off. From the dance rock album opener, 'Sky is Falling (Na Na Na),' to the epic, seven-and-a-half-minute closer 'Through the Fence and Out,' Corner Gospel Explosion is ready to be heard now."

The band has opened for Helio Sequence and Smash Mouth. The Source Weekly named them Best Band of 2015.


Live from New Orleans! Hard not to love this Big Easy band. Originally known as The Unusual Suspects, their chemistry was, well, undeniable. Not a surprise. They had recruited some of the city's top players. By the summer of 2011, just two years after forming, they decided to tour full time under the name New Orleans Suspects. Success didn't take long. They quickly attracted large crowds across the country while releasing four albums in five years.

Soon they established themselves as one of the city's top super groups.

The Suspects are:

"Mean" Willie Green: He was The Neville Brothers' drummer for over 30 years. His style helped shape New Orleans funk, while also playing behind rock legends like Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead and Paul Simon.

Charlie Wooton: An international touring musician straight out of Lafayette, Louisiana—who studied jazz, zydeco, funk and classical. Wooton's also a well-known studio producer.

Jake Eckert: A Grammy Award winner who played lead guitar for The Dirty Dozen Brass Band. He's also performed at the Grammys.

CR Gruver: A classically trained New Orleans-style pianist who's toured with national acts, including Outformation and Angie Aparo.

Jeff Watkins: An accomplished sax player, engineer and producer, Watkins spent 12 years leading the James Brown Band.

Their fourth and most recent album, Kaleidoscoped, released in September 2016 on both CD and vinyl, was hailed as their best and most original to date. More than 100

Saturday 25


The Notables Swing Band brings back the "golden oldies" from the Big Band era—when swing ruled the dance floors. Many of their band members remember those full sounds and infectious rhythms. The band formed in 2010 to recreate this great music.

Swing's enjoying a resurgence in Central Oregon. The Notables play to renew the memories of that music for those who used to dance to swing and, equally important, they play to attract completely new generations.

They also want those who come to their events to have as much fun as they do playing for them!

The Notables recently coaxed Betty Berger out of retirement to sing with the band. Berger led her own band for over 15 years, playing twice monthly at the Riverhouse in Bend. Before that she had a 40-year career singing with bands in Southern California.

Her vocals, backed by the 17-piece Notables Swing Band, really do take you back to the days when big bands with singers like Doris Day, Peggy Lee, Helen Forrest and Ella Fitzgerald ruled the airwaves! 


Appaloosa is a local Americana band which plays new folk and old country music in a roots-based, raw, and authentic configuration.  Performing as a duo or a full six-piece big band, Appaloosa's led by songwriters Dottie and Eli Ashley.  Their unique blend of melody and easy harmonies gives this band's lyrics an interesting, fun and toe tappin' vibe.

In addition to their original tunes, the band plays covers from their favorite singer/songwriters, mostly from the '60s/'70s. They are entertaining and super family friendly and intersperse their music with lots of fun stories and great songs that will make you smile!

Their first two CDs are widely available, and their third CD, "Open Range" will be released later this month.

"I think one of the most unique things about this band is that we started playing music only a few short years ago—after we retired from our careers," says Dottie. "Who knew we could write such cool new songs?"


Honey Don't is the musical union of Bill Powers and Shelley Gray, perhaps better known as one-half of the Colorado-based old-time bluegrass band Sweet Sunny South. 

Their music, whether acoustic or electric, comes from the folk tradition with bluegrass and "old-time" at its deepest roots. Bill is a well-respected and award-winning songwriter within and beyond the Colorado circuit, and Shelley is a skilled bass player and vocalist. 

They've been making music together for well over a decade and, like a fine wine or exceptional bourbon, their qualities have naturally distilled into a truly unique vibe—with a certain sound and feel that have developed into a trademark. 

Whether it's a sweet love song, a tribute to veterans, or a rocking boogie-woogie number, their music is always delivered in a comfortable casual way that pulls the listener in and has them hanging on every word.  "I find I tend to write from a strong sense of place," Powers says. "I'm highly affected by my surroundings and the memories and experiences come out in the music and songs I write."


Swig is a solid four or five-piece band (often with other musical guests) known for their rhythmic and dance inspiring tunes, as well as heavy grooves. "We play everything from rock, to funk, to jam, R&B, groove, reggae, Southern rock, stompgrass and many other genres in between," says bassist Barrett Dash.

The band blossomed from folk rock musician Brian Hinderberger's solo project—with a long list of great originals. When band members Dash (bass/vocals), Tom Kealey (drums/vocals), Phil Hetz (lead guitar/vocals) and Noel Anderson(keyboards/vocals) jumped on board, Victory Swig took it to a new level.

Their sets are composed of all those genres, with extended jams, and a dance floor-filling repertoire of great covers as well as originals mixed in. Their main goal? Get the crowd interacting, having fun and out dancing.


Singer Ian Cook's very own self-described "abundance of songwriting and beer drinking" led to the creation of Woebegon in 2014. The band celebrates the golden age of rock 'n roll!

Cook, Andrew Carew and Kirk Skatvold, all members of the Bend band Larry And His Flask— along with drummer Dayne Wood—pull off a fusion of music's past several decades.

Somehow, they manage to offer a fresh take on it all.

Now, after two years of work, comes Woebegone's debut album named for what the band can only describe as "Supple Rock." From the harmonious sounds of the Beatles and The Band to the searing guitar work popularized by Queen and Thin Lizzy, the album lives somewhere between soft rock and earlier, heavier styles. All the while, it retains a melodious sound that seems to bridge the gap between the past and the present. 

Cook, Carew and Skatvold bring the enlivened signature energy of LAHF, while Wood adds a heavy-handed backbeat. It all adds up to make Woebegone a crowd-pleaser that keeps the dance floor rocking!


You might say Shooter Jennings was destined for fame. First, he's the son of legendary country icon Waylon Jennings. Next, he spent the first few years of his life on his parents' tour bus— surrounded by country music royalty: Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson. How's that for getting a head start on your career?

Already taking piano lessons by age eight, Jennings started playing guitar at 14. And yes, occasionally he'd play percussion in his dad's band. (The two would go on to make an album together in 1996—when Shooter was just 17.)

Jennings left Nashville and headed to Los Angeles in 2001. After forming a band called Stargunn, Jennings launched a solo career two years later. Twice, the hard rock super group Velvet Revolver asked him to join, but Jennings chose to focus on his career in country. His debut album, "Put the O Back in Country" came out in 2005. The single "Fourth of July" hit number 22 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Later that year, Jennings portrayed his father in the Johnny Cash biopic "Walk The Line" starring  Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. The soundtrack featured his version of Waylon's song "Long Way from Home."

More recently, Jennings formed his new label and multi-format recording company Black Country Rock. The initial releases included a remastered Waylon Jennings album "Right for the Time," as well as a live album called "The Other Live."

Jennings hosts "Shooter Jennings' Electric Rodeo" on Sirius XM's Outlaw Country channel.

Sunday 25


Family and friends, along with some of Hawaii's most beloved musicians and entertainers, have all inspired Keale. That includes his uncle Moe Keale (Hawaii Five-0) and cousin Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, better known as IZ.

Keale brings that same feeling of the islands to every performance. Known for covering familiar favorites and performing his original works, he has received both the "Best of Central Oregon" singer/songwriter and best local musician awards. Keale has also appeared on OPB's Oregon Art Beat as a featured artist.

Thanks to his early introduction to Hawaiian music, Keale's smooth vocal style adds a special touch to performances everywhere.

His unique guitar playing and vocals reflects his approachable and personable interpretation of Aloha. Keale's original music has been used in both documentaries and movies on the islands and abroad.

While currently living in Bend, this soulful artist returns to his roots in Oahu often.


Chiringa! splashed onto the scene in 2012 with its fresh, rocked out Latin grooves coupled with passionate vocal lines. Both the seasoned dancer as well as the regular "booty shaker" have found deep gratification at a ¡Chiringa! show, where everyone is invited to receive the infectiousness of Latin rhythms in their own way.


Natty Red, the soulful acoustic collaboration between Jason "Big Red" Schweitzer and Nat Berliner, began with backyard bonfires on warm Bend summer nights.  The duo quickly spread across local venues, bringing along their upbeat, emotionally charged originals, and spicing up their set with unique takes on everything from Nina Simone to Milky Chance. 

Jason formerly performed with The Rum and The Sea, while Nat performed with various bands in New York City.


Trailer 31, a locally based Oregon trio, has melded their love of old-time music and modern folk, creating a unique, captivating and vibrant sound. This dynamic band will not only move your feet on the dance floor, but also move your heart and soul with a blend of harmonizing vocals, melodies and driving rhythms.

The name "Trailer 31" originated from the double-wide trailer in which co-founders Joel Chadd and Dustin Byers lived for several years in the Central Oregon Cascades. During that time, they formed a distinct ear for harmonizing with one-another, and focused in on a noteworthy sound for creating what they like to call "Oregon Folk."

Both Chadd and Byers understood that this like-mindedness was not to be left untapped. Accompanied by the talented upright-bass player Felly Smith, their sound has now become a heartbeat within Bend. Smith has not only created a name for himself in Oregon as a fine musician, but as a fine woodworker as well: creating custom built hand drums, cabinets and much more.

Together their passion for music, the outdoors and this great state of Oregon, has created a lasting sound the reverberates through any room where they perform.

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