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10 questions with Bay Area Rapper Andre Nickatina

Quite different from the flash, glam and bravado presented by most rappers, San Francisco rapper Andre Nikatina doesn't like to be in front of the camera—except, maybe, to talk about sports. Somewhat elusive, he rarely gives interviews—and when he does, he gives just enough information to keep you wondering.

But that reserved demeanor all changes when he gets on stage with his alter ego. He comes to life with tracks that sound like a more gangster version of N2Deep's "Back to the Hotel," while also nuancing in funk and rock-and-roll. And though Nickatina does bite off some of the classic Bay Area rap sound made famous by Too $hort and E-40, there is a major difference—his rhymes are entirely more creative.

Rather than just crude rap lyrics, Nickatina tells tongue-in-cheek stories. We tried to get him to tell us a few, but despite our probing questions about his bank account, Twitter feed and L.A. Laker predictions, Nickatina gave us his signature stonewall.

Source: You bust out some entertaining stuff on Twitter. I think a recent favorite is: "If u can't leave that bitch CUZ SHE got a BIG BOOTY...Your a CRACK ADDIC." I'm assuming you mean "bitch" in the nicest way possible?

Nickatina: Oh yeah in the best and nicest way.

I also love your tweet about a girl who only eats organic food, but smokes two packs a day. I'm guessing if a girl is going to be worth your time she needs to not be a walking contradiction.

Naw. Nobody's perfect.

I hear that you know pretty much every single line from Scarface. I'm assuming it's your favorite movie?

No, not my favorite by far. There are too many good films to have a favorite. Secretariat, Good Will Hunting and Enter The Dragon are some I can say right now off the top of my head.

Do you keep a close eye on the money yourself or do you trust someone else to manage it for you?

First send me your bank account statements so I can see how you manage your money. Then I will think about answering this.

In your new song "Break Bread," you reference Shabba Ranks, who is one of my favorites. Are there other artists who influenced you, but you think people missed out on?

MC Eiht, MC Hammers' first CD, The Spinners and Billy Idol. I'm not influenced by them, really; they are just some very good talent.

You seem pretty natural in front of the camera talking sports on your friend's YouTube show The Bottom Line. Are sports a passion of yours?

I'm a gambler so I usually know the teams' stats more than the actual players. So that's why I'm so passionate on that.

Will the Lakers make a run for the title this year?

Whoever is running for the title, I'm right here behind them betting on them.

You've got a new album coming soon? What can we expect as far as subject matter? Is there a theme?

No expectations, no disappointments. The theme is, if you really like something, pay for it, you might respect it more. SW

<p>Andre Nickatina

9 p.m. Saturday, April 13

Domino Room

51 NW Greenwood Ave.


Tickets at and Ranch Records

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