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Dreams in Digital

Into the Mystic Forest with Haunted Summer

Haunted Summer. Photo by Sarah Sitkin

When Bridgette Moody and John Seasons discovered they were having similar kinds of dreams and nightmares, the decision to collaborate musically seemed natural. Friends for more than a decade before forming Haunted Summer, Moody and Seasons found themselves in similar circumstances with their respective bands at the time. They both felt like they were running from something, but were able to meet in their similar dreams.

"These dreams helped us generate this whole feeling for our music and how we present it. It allowed us to feel something and think something. It paved the way for our sound and our image for where we are today," says Seasons. "The Mystic Forest, meeting in the fog, inspires the feeling of our music."

Haunted Summer plays experimental dream pop, which can often times be described as eerie, and most appropriately, haunting and orchestral. Moody's vocals have a certain airiness about them; light and soft, while still lingering in your mind hours later. Her smooth and seductive voice paves the way for the sometimes psychedelic, but always beautiful and melodic digital, dream pop beats.

"We wanted to make music we were happy with," Seasons says.

"We'd been friends for a decade," Moody recalls. "This project blossomed along with our romantic relationship. It gave us time to focus on each other and it worked out for both of us. This project made us both happy, rather than feeding one person's ego."

What initially started as a collaboration with other musicians at a Halloween Animal Collective cover show, transformed into a serious project for Moody and Seasons. That first show led to everything else. They played a six-song set, and at the end did a song by themselves that they remember getting a crazy reaction from.

"That summer was hard to get together and start making the music we wanted," says Seasons.

Moody and Seasons eventually did get together and started writing songs together under the Haunted Summer moniker. As they completed more songs, they also started being pursued for some serious shows. Along the way, the two fell in love and got married.

"We're super grateful we don't have to leave each other. We've both been in that situation before. It's hard leaving friends, family, a significant other. That's a hard struggle. We're fortunate to be able to do this together. You never have to feel like you've completely left home." says Moody.

"It's always a hard thing not having someone you trust to work with. We're very lucky to be working together. We respect and love each other," Seasons agrees.

From the initial collaboration in the dreamy, mystic forest, to the eerily beautiful orchestral pop sounds that resulted, Haunted Summer creates a unique listening experience that stays with you long after. Based on Haunted Summer's beginnings, dream pop couldn't be a more appropriate genre for their experimental, lingering sound.

Haunted Summer

9 pm, Saturday, April 18

Astro Lounge, 939 NW Bond St.


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